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I know this is probably personal preference but I haven't tried out Launchy. This is for Linux, specifically Ubuntu 9.04.

What do most people on here prefer, Launchy, deskbar, or another alternative?


wow, just installed Gnome-do. I'm using the docky theme, its MUCH more useful than deskbar and does exactly what deskbar does as well. I've cleaned up my entire panel now, I only have one at the bottom so it looks kind of like windows, and I have the dock at the top with intellihide :-)

Thanks for your suggestions!

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I just noticed the intellihide yesterday... very nice feature. – codeLes Nov 10 '09 at 15:45
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gnome-do or krunner which really is superior but I'm not currently using KDE.

GnomeDo also comes with the Docky interface which gives you a very cool dock.

So to sum up:

  1. If using Gnome I use gnome-do
  2. If using KDE I use krunner
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I've tried them both, and gnome-do definitely trumps launchy in my opinion. – nedned Nov 10 '09 at 2:58
I've never used Launchy. – codeLes Nov 10 '09 at 3:12
I've been using Deskbar and although I like it for its similarities to Spotlight (on Mac), its been crashing for me a lot. It doesn't crash the system, but it exits with an error and needs to be reloaded to the panel. – GiH Nov 10 '09 at 5:19

Kupfer and Wbar does better if you want something really lightweight but ubuntu is by far the worst distro to see a speed improvement, you should try ArchLinux by the Chakra live cd/dvd project and mod it to what you want ...

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Seems to be launchy, Here is an good list . I prefer "Everything", but if you dont need to index your entire drive then stay with launchy.

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Everything isn't really Linux :) – Molly7244 Nov 10 '09 at 2:12

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