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I have Linksys EA2700 home router connected with an ethernet cable to my Windows 7 machine, and recently (after manual router restart) my system started to ask for a username and password for it. Internet works well on that machine and I can login (using Firefox) to Web administration panel, but from time to time this window appears:

this window

I tried giving it my username/password for Web management interface, but it still keeps popping up - I am not sure if it's because username/password is incorrect, or simply because my Win7 is not able to save it (despite checking "Remember my credentials") - I have seen quite a lot of threads on the internet where people had trouble with windows storing their credentials.

My question is mostly NOT about how to stop it (although it would be nice to know that). I want to know why my windows machine even attempts to get any password for this device, and what would it use it for. As I said, everything I require works fine without any password, and this windows is just a minor annoyance - 50% because it's there, 50% because I don't know why it's there ;)

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