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The only way I've found so far to pin a URL to the start screen, is to load this URL in Internet Explorer, then click Pin, and Pin to Start.

The problem is, it forces me to load the URL, which then redirects to another URL with a temporary token.

I don't want to pin this temporary URL, I want to manually pin the original URL.

How can I do that?

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Rather easy:

  • Hit Win+R and run shell:programs.
  • This should open the classic "Programs" folder with Start Menu groups.
  • Right click and create a new shortcut (you can create your own sub folder/group for this), use your target URL and name it as you want.
  • Close the folder.
  • Hit Win+S, type the name you've chosen in the steps before.
  • Select the correct icon/search result, right click and pin it to start.

Just keep in mind that this won't create a pinned site and might use a different icon. However, you can just drag&drop a site out of IE instead of creating a shortcut and should be good to go.

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