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I am aware of this question: How to disable search in the Google Chrome address bar? and this one: Force Chrome to open URLs as URLs, instead of searching

However, both of those are about URL searches in the address bar so I don't think I'm asking the same question.

Anyway, when I go to www.google.com in Google Chrome and want to use the search box which is in the middle of the screen, as soon as I start typing Chrome is forcing my search text into the address bar instead. Under some circumstances I don't fully understand or can replicate reliably sometimes a search box appears just below the search bar instead.

I think it is very user-unfriendly to move the text the user is typing to a different location while the user is typing the text so what i want is for my search text not to be moved to the address bar, I want it in the search box.

Is there any way to achieve this?

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This only seems to happen to me when I open a new tab in Chrome. It shows the Google logo and the search bar as you describe, as if I'm really on google.com, but doesn't function the way google.com really does. I think that box on the other "google" page is linked through Chrome's Omnibox feature. –  C-dizzle Dec 3 '13 at 21:31

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