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Windows 7 x64 installation does not allow the raid drivers on AMD Chipset/ ASUS M5A97 EVO to be detected. This is Fresh install, raid 1, i can't get x64 Raid driver From AMD to install. I Insert Windows 7 64 bit DVD disk into DVD ROM, press [F8] key in POST screen and select DVD ROM to boot up into Windows 7 setup screen. Raid 1 is setup properly and Bios Port 1 and Port 2 setup to Raid with no issue. The motherboard reconized Both Drives as one with title Raid1 drive as i title it like that. Due to Windows 7 64 bit does not contain the driver for RAID. so at install i click [Browse] for the driver and point it to USB Stick and point to Select [AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller] driver x64bit and click Next. It just cant detect the hard drives even after i got the most recent drivers from ASUS Site and i tried from this site Other AHCI and RAID Drivers ยป Recommended AHCI and RAID Drivers

Can someone please advise

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