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I'm in the process of reinstalling a (very) old machine that doesn't have a DVD drive (CD only) and I'm running into problems getting the over-sized ubuntu image to fit on a CD. Unfortunately the motherboard doesn't support boot from USB, so that isn't an option.

Is it possible to get a full ubuntu 9.10 distro up and running from the minimal CD? can anyone offer advice or suggestions on how to do this?


I understand what the minimal CD and where I get it, but once I've burnt it, is there any easy way to get back to an equivalent of the standard ubuntu iso?

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the minimal disk will download all the packages needed off the net as necessary. Once thats's done, pick one of the meta packages (ubuntu-desktop , kubuntu-desktop etc) and you'll be good.

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Download the Minimal Distribution of Ubuntu from MinimalCD

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You might find this link from the Ubuntu Forums useful: How to Acheive "Ubuntu minimal"

-El Di Pablo

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