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I am trying to increase available disk space on my Netgear Stora device (NAS). I log in as a root. Uname -a:

Linux axentraserver.<mylogin>.mystora.com #16 Sun Jun 13 19:54:46 EDT 2010 armv5tejl armv5tejl armv5tejl GNU/Linux

When I use fd -h, I can see

-bash-3.2$ df -h   
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
rootfs                212M  182M   30M  86% /
ubi0:rootfs           212M  182M   30M  86% /
none                   62M   52K   62M   1% /dev
/dev/sda1             101G   81G   20G  81% /mnt/DiskA

So the disk I want to use as a storage is writable (and has 20 gigabytes of available space) but I can use only up to 30 megabytes (root available space).

How to change device configuration (ie. smb.conf) to make hard drive writeable up to real disk space? This is low energy linux device so the root partition is only 212 megabytes.

I reconfigured how it originally worked (it wasn't supporting NTFS) to make NTFS partitions readable but file size limit is discouraging.

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