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I've been programming in Java for some time and was trying to develop something that I can 'deploy'. I search online for ways of bundling my java program(s) in installable "packages" but can't find any precise answer for it!

My search results returned something about IBM CICS, but before I go about reading the book I'd like to be sure I'm going the right way.

How are developers managing to make their Java applications installable? Some guidelines will be appreciated.

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Depends on which IDE you're using. Here are the methods for Net beans and Eclipse;



Both are have to export them as a .JAR, which is a really easy way for other people to run the java application.

I have used the Eclipse method before for university - But i am not a user of Netbeans.

EDIT #1;

A program that can turn your .JAR/Java application into an installable program.

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but I don't want .jar files, I want to produce native installation steps, like the bunch of "next"s that Windows users have to go through :) – mavili Dec 5 '13 at 14:00
That's something I've not done before, Added a quick edit to my question with a link that might just be the answer. – BigJayMalcolm Dec 5 '13 at 14:13

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