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I have my Gmail steup and working and also my Wifes Hotmail setup and working with Windows mail on Windows 8, I have managed to unsync the Microsoft user account from the Email. But I have an account named Gmail- it is showing "attention needed" flag.

I cant sign into it as when I put my details in, I get an "already signed into this account" message, which is true, I am. So how can I get rid of it? Tried deleting the Gmail account I use, leaving only the duplicate/mystery account on screen. But on signing into it another (mine) gmail account shows up!

I can only think this is a completely different Gmail account that has somehow been applied to my windows mail.

How can I get rid of it if I have no idea of the username or password associated with it? Noticed it appear after a windows 8 upgrade.

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Sounds like this is the default account and by removing it you wouldn't have any suitable account –  Dave Dec 5 '13 at 10:36

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