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This worked in Leopard, although since Snowie came along …

I have a Location setup with a DNS server to use [eg] , and a search string [eg]

In the terminal:

$ nslookup cake


So works like a charm. Although if I just the hostname cake in any other application within OSX - such as Safari/CoRD, they simply can't resolve the hostname. I have to instead use the FQDN - why is this so? Why did this work in Leopard and is now broken?

Would love a solution.


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Justin was onto the right idea here, but didn't carry it to the finish line:

In Advanced » DNS, add your to the Search Domains, and your problem will be solved.

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This may not be relevant, but I had a problem when I upgraded where having a custom DNS server in my network settings prevented it from using the DNS servers specified in DHCP from my ISP.

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When I checked my DNS settings, I noticed that under Advanced there is a Search Domains area, which appears to be blank by default.

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