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I bought a laptop with 32GB of RAM and 64-bit intel corei7 machine running window 7 Home premium.

I found that Win7 Home premium only support up to 16GB RAM. I am creating a virtual machine with VMware Player 6.0 for Ubuntu 12.04 to do some high end development work.

Can I allocate 16GB of unused RAM to this virtual machine? I wonder if VMWare Player can see all the installed 32GB RAM and use the wasted 16GB RAM.


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I don't think so. If Windows' virtual memory manager sees only 16G physical memory due to licensing limitations, that's all you can use.

You may try one of these:

  • install linux, and run VMWare player on linux with Win7 Home Ed.
  • install a bare metal virtualization software instead of Windows, and run Windows & Ubuntu in a VM on it
  • I think the best you can do is to upgrade the Windows license so you don't have to bother with these kind of problems
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