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Ok, so Apple has not official supported Blu-ray playback in Mac OS X yet. Has anyone developed any Blu-ray playback software for Mac OS X? I have seen Toast and a few others that are able to write to Blu-ray discs, but no simple playback apps. Are there really no options for this right now?

Decent discussion going on in the apple forums:

Nothing else besides VLC? VLC has recently voiced concern over the development of the os x version. Check it out:

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VLC can play Bluray files, but not ones with copy-protection, which makes this of limited use..

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The only way to play blu-ray movies in OSX is with VLC as previously mentioned. Although there is no way to play blu-ray movies with HDCP at all as of yet. If you wish to play one properly you will need to boot into Windows via boot camp.

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This article suggests that you can't, though more options may have popped up since it was written (April).

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