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It is very annoying to see all the green underlines while the sentence is actually correct.

Proof checking for English works pretty good, but not other languages, especially Chinese (Chinese is a language having almost no grammar).

How to disable proofing for that language, without affecting proofing for English?

NOT duplicate with / Answer not found in: Set proofing language for selected text in word and Change spelling check language for a Document in Microsoft Word 2010

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Does marking non-English text as "No proofing" (it's an option in the languages dropdown) have the intended effect? If so, is the question whether there is a way for word to continue to use automatic language detection, but set all text detected as non-English (say) to "No proofing"? (If so, I believe the answer is "not a simple way, anyway". –  bibadia Dec 7 '13 at 9:05

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