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I'm trying to set up a home web server inside a Virtual Machine. Both the host machine and VM server are set up to have static IP addresses. The VM has both a bridged adapter set up so it can be identified by its own IP address and a NAT adapter with port 80 forwarded from the host machine to the guest OS.

When trying to access the server using its own IP address on the local network, it works great. However, trying to access it off of the network using the router IP and forwarding it directly to the server's own address doesn't gets nothing, just a generic "was unable to connect to [IP]" message.

When trying to connect by forwarding to the host machine and having that forwarded to the server works to an extent; just going to the IP in a browser, Apache shows me the sub-directories inside /var/www. However, when following the full path to the site, I am given (after a long time of sitting) some of the information but not all of it - the basic html seems to be intact (text and links), but the styling and images are all missing.

Ideally I would like to have the server set up with its own IP and be able to forward from the router straight to it, but I'd be perfectly happy using the NAT adapter as well if it got me the full site. Can anyone help me see what I'm missing?

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You'll need to specify what home router you're using if you want specific advice tailored to it. –  Michael Hampton Dec 7 '13 at 19:15

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