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so here's the breakdown so anyone who can help me knows exactly what is going on.

i have a d-link router i have a laptop running win7, a desktop running win7 using my laptop for wireless internet and using Ethernet cable to share it to my desktop

a few days ago everything was fine then my stepdad decided to block all my devices (laptop, ipod, desktop ect.) so when he turned it back on my desktop would not pull internet from the shared connection. i have tried everything and ive looked for the past 2 days on forums. even did a full reinstall of windows on both my laptop and desktop and even went into the router settings and didnt find anything out of the ordinary (to my knowledge)

so when i went into command prompt and did ipconfig /all, ip config/release and when i did ipconfig /renew it told me that it could connect to the DHCP servers and timed out.

I've also done the obvious solutions like resetting the router and modem and resetting the shared connection and restarting both computers.

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Maybe you can provide more information about what ip you get on the wireless and desktop (cable). Could you see the WiFi after resetting the router (you should if you did a factory reset). How is the router connected to the Internet? Maybe your router is blocked (via mac-address blocking) on the modem (connected to the provider cable). Do you know what your stepdad did, exactly? –  Rik Dec 8 '13 at 22:41

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