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Summary: the regular Windows File History viewer shows the user what files will be restored at a given date. Instead, I would like to see what's changed between any 2 restore dates. Preferably recursively over the folder structure.

Detail: I had a hard disk go bad. After re-installing Windows 8, I have managed to restore most of my files. However, I notice a few are missing from the most recent File History restore. The missing files were not manually deleted. I suspect that as the original hard disk progressively degraded, File History had to skip files and thus considered them deleted. If I scroll back in time, I can see the files at earlier File History dates. However, it's impractical to do this for thousands of folders. But if I could see the deltas/change sets between dates, I could quickly find which files File History considers deleted & manually restore them.

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This will be an interesting answer. This is a new feature and Google will have limited info. – surfasb Dec 9 '13 at 2:07

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