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I'm willing to enable the VT-X virtualization technology on my Intel Core i5 3450 CPU, however in the BIOS menu (I've the latest version: 17.8) of my MSI B75A-G41 mainboard, this option is greyed out even though it should be supported by my CPU.

Image of the BIOS Menu "Bios menu with the VT-D option greyed out"

CPU-Z Report stating that my CPU does support VT-X:

Does someone know why the option is greyed out even if the "Intel Virtualization Tech" option is enabled and works fine?

Maybe do I need to install some Intel software that will activate the option on my CPU? Here are the different available utilities for my mainboard: I could install all of them but I don't want to because it would slow down my computer for nothing.

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Sorry about images not being embedded, and links without the http prefix: this is a restriction of superuser because I'm a new member. – noname120 Dec 8 '13 at 20:40
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Your proccessor does not support virtualization technology VT-D (source), CPU-Z is correct, your CPU does have VT-x and is enabled by default as MSI utility states (Intel Virtualization Tech - [Enabled])

VT-d is Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O, and MSI utility is correct once again Intel VT-D - [Disabled]), because it is not supported.

You cannot enable something that is not supported.

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