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After I recently had my cable modem company (Shaw) bridge their cable modem with my router, because their Cisco DPC3825 works so poorly on its own, I occasionally cannot connect to the Internet. I have to power cycle my cable modem and follow that up by power cycling my router before the connection is restored. My router is a D-Link DIR-835.

When I have internet it works great. The intermittent connection losses sometimes happen in 24 hours, sometimes in one week and sometimes in one month. As previously said I only get my Internet connection back after I power cycle the cable modem and then power cycle my router. The intermittent disconnections generally happen after I change settings for the router and save them, causing a router reboot. The settings changed could be as simple as a time or date change and do not seem directly related to the intermittent losses of internet. On occasion after a router reboot I have not suffered an intermittent loss of my internet connection so I'm not even sure if that is related. I am using port forwarding. When my internet connection is working everything is functioning well, the port forwarding works wonderfully.

It is almost like something is causing the internet signal being received from the cable modem to not be accepted at the router? Of course if this was the case shouldn't power cycling my router solve the problem? It doesn't. I need to power cycle the cable modem and then the router. My router is using both wireless and wired connections. I can access my cable modem's IP address but nothing beyond that. I am using Utorrent, since someone mentioned in a past post, this caused problems for them.

Does anyone know why? What am I not seeing? Thank you.

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Have you tried not using uTorrent for 24 hours? In the end this seems like a service provider problem. – Ramhound Dec 9 '13 at 18:35
Does the router or modem get too hot? Can they handle your download speed? – troels Mar 18 '14 at 17:37

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