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Since going to Mavericks, I've lost the ability to use the clipboard in vim when run under tmux.

I install vim via brew. For reference, yes, the +clipboard option is definitely set.

When I run vim inside a terminal directly, I can access the system clipboard normally via * and +. But when running vim inside tmux, no such luck. I also have clipboard support turned on in tmux, so perhaps this is part of the problem.

For reference:

  • vim 7.4.52
  • tmux 1.8

In my .tmux.conf:

set -g set-clipboard on

Nothing is set in my .vimrc to explicitly turn on support. However, I'll note that adding the usually recommended option (which I've never needed before):

set clipboard=unnamed

has no effect.

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Are you running into the problem that solves?

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Yep, that was the problem. Somehow, despite being installed, set-option -g default-command "reattach-to-user-namespace -l zsh" had gone missing from my .tmux.conf. – G Gordon Worley III Dec 11 '13 at 20:56

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