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I've got a Windows 8 (not .1, not Pro; OEM with a Lenovo Z580 laptop), which I want to use for WP8 development.

I've read this and this, and a few more articles.

I have enabled in BIOS what looks like it has to do with hardware virtualisation - "Intel Virtual Technology" (is this VMX?). No signs of EPT or XD.

I've got the four Hyper-V items in the enumeration that msinfo32 shows.

However, in the 'Control Panel/Programs and Features/Turn on|off windows features' list, I don't have Hyper-V.

Is this available at all on my machine, and if not what can I do to get it working?

Thanks in advance.

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Hyper-V is only a feature within Windows 8.x Professional. Your only other alternative is to upgrade your installation to Windows 8.x Professional. – Ramhound Dec 11 '13 at 13:30
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According to everything I have read, you have to have Win8 Pro or Enterprise in order to have the built-in HyperV client functionality.

If you don't want to upgrade to Pro, try VirtualBox (free) or VMware Workstation (not free).

Edit: never mind that last bit. MSDN login finally went through...

Edit2: well upon further inspection, it seems that there are mixed results getting the WP8 VM working under VirtualBox. Link & Link YMMV I guess.

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