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Is there way have windows XP show me updates to a log file as they happen? I'm thinking of something similar to tail -f <file path> in the linux realm.

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Thanks everyone for those awesome suggestions! Much appreciated. – Mike B Nov 11 '09 at 20:00
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Using Windows Powershell, you can use Get-Content < filename > -wait

There's also a discussion of a Windows Server 2003 tools package that has a tail program which supports -f

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I have had good luck with It has some nice options for fonts, colors and keyword highlighting. Feels lightweight and fast to me.

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Tail for win32 is a nice GUI application. Highlighting keywords can give you find -f file.txt | grep 'stuff' like functionality. – Justin Tanner Mar 24 '10 at 18:44

Just use the tail program from the cygwin project. this is "just" a ported UN*X tail command.

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We currently use this

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I use UnxUtils which are native win32 ports of common gnu utilities. Then I don't have to bother with cygwin.

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I can recommend LogExpert an other alternatives

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You can checkout dbitail.

A Java tool I created, able to read local and distant log files using SSH. It is fairly simple to use.

Some more explanations:

Just download version corresponding to your operating system, of native jar release executable within your Java Runtime (requires java 8_40 or higher):

You can find a complete documentation (embedded with and I Github's page as well)


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