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I have a Thomson TWG87OUG. The Thomson Modem has Wifi, LAN, DDNS and Forwarding which I am using currently. But there is some functionality I am missing so I want to buy a Router, the ASUS TR-AC66U, which has the features that I need, like VPN Server, network printer, a Cloud and stuff like that.

So now I need to know how to downgrade the Thomson modem to simply connect the Asus router to the internet?

I have looked into the Manual of the Modem but there was nothing that helped me. And like I am not so familiar with the terms of this topic I am asking here paralel to my research. So I would aprecheate all the help I can get :)

If I can help with some more informations, I will give them to you. Like I said I am not familiar with this topic so I don't know what exactly you or I (lets say we) need to know.


I juste learnd that I have to use the bridge mode of my Thomson modem is that right? In my Webinterface of the Thomson I just find the term bridge in the wireless section.


In a forum I read that I also can use DMZ Host (Expose Host) functionality to expose the Router to the WAN and there fore get the public IP. So again is did I got this right? ^^ And, does the router tets his own IP in the LAN (which will differ from the one of my modem - I think yes but I'm starting to get confused.


Ok, i simply did it now. The Router can access to the internet through the modem. Now I would like to know what services I will have to leave running and which ones I can disable. Should I already post this in a new question?

Thanks already!

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you have access to the modem? Sounds to me like you're having A1, the austrian ISP. be craeful with that thing – Gotschi Dec 11 '13 at 19:14
I have UPC as ISP – Thomas Venturini Dec 11 '13 at 19:16

According to the manual at, pages 73-78,you need to ask your cable company for a configuration file that changes the router from RT-mode to CM-mode. Then you can put your new firewall as a "computer" behind the modem.

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There must be a simpler way. I mean, this is basic functionality, or am i wrong? – Thomas Venturini Dec 11 '13 at 19:37

What you are searching for is a Routed configuration.

You may find more answers by questioning in this forum:, they discuss configurations for Thomson/Speedtouch particular from austrian ISPs there.

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