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I have a Privoxy "Proxy" running on my WLAN Router. In the Privoxy config I am able to set

forward-socks5 / .

in order to chain Privoxy and Tor.

Now I would like to make this conditional on the server-side in Privoxy (I already have tested AutoProxy for Firefox on the client side).

Is this possible somehow?

For Example:

  • If client A is connected -> Do not use Tor.
  • If client B is connected -> Do use Tor.
  • If client C requests google.com/ -> Do use Tor.
  • If client D requests google.com/ -> Do not use Tor.
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it is really never a good idea to mix anon and non-anon connections from the same hardare (be it client or shared server). it is very hard to prevent accidental data leakage that might identify the user, and that means you can never actually trust that the service is helping you. –  Frank Thomas Dec 11 '13 at 20:29

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