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Whenever I try to click a message in Outlook 2003 or do "New Message" I get a Save As file window and the program stops responding.

This also happens when I try to open Word files.

I've tried rebooting and I've tried to go through the repair process on the Office install disk.

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i suspect Word being the culprit.

i don't really have an answer, but see if Outtlook is 'behaving' better when you don't use Word as your email editor:

Select Tools | Options from the menu in Outlook.

Click on the Mail Format tab.

Clear the Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages checkbox..

Close the dialog.

that's the good thing about Office 2003, Outlook users have a choice whether they want to use Word as editor or not. with Office 2007, this choice is gone. :)

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I had this same problem with all microsoft office applications, with Outlook being the worst. It turned out to be that my back-up drive has an "on-auto-off" switch that had accidentally been flipped to "auto". Turned it back to "on" and have not had the problem since.

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try deleting the file for word in (XP) C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

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