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I have 2 computers: echo.local is running Ubuntu 9.04. justin.local is running Mac OS 10.6.1. X11 version on the mac is 2.3.4.

I open X11 on the mac, and open a new xterm window (Applications Menu -> Terminal), everything is fine. Keyboard works as expected.

I do ssh -X echo.local from the mac (connecting to the linux box), and from the linux command prompt, start xterm - everything is fine. Keyboard works as expected.

I do gnome-session from the linux command prompt (through SSH), gnome launches, but keyboard mapping is ALL types of screwed up. If I kill gnome-session and open an xterm via ssh, keyboard mapping is still screwed up. If I then kill the SSH session entirely, and do X11 -> Applications Menu -> Terminal, opening a brand new xterm window on the mac with no SSH session running at all ... keyboard mapping is still screwed up.

Only after I quit X11 and relaunch, is the keyboard mapping back to normal.

Keyboard layout under GNOME is Apple->MacBook/MacBook Pro.

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Justin - that answer worked for me, can you perhaps mark it as the correct answer? – Danny Staple Nov 6 '11 at 23:01
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Try creating a xmodmap first:

sudo xmodmap -pke > .xmodmaprc

After that, ssh -X gconf-editor

Navigate to:

Desktop > Gnome > Peripherals > Keyboard

Select "layout" and then add "us".

Restart X11

... This is half me fooling around, and the other half blatantly stolen from

I'm not sure if the .xmodmaprc needs to be created, but hey.. the above steps worked for me!


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