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I have broadband connection from service provider and in network connection it shows the type as "LAN Broadband connection, and there is a dialup WAN Miniport (PPPOE)". they have created network connection and when double click it ask for username/pasword and i am able to access internet.but when i connect router then there is no internet access.only yellow mark show on internet icon. and I am not able to login to ( or any ip address by connecting ethernet cable to desktop and router. becouse no internet access after connecting router to pc .also i have contacted my isp they told me that u cannot use more than one computer.actully i have taken this connection from tv cable provider and they allow only one connection but i think ''mac clone'' feature can help me in that i have TP LINK WR740N wifi router . pleas help me sir i have tried so many times to call tp link technical support but no help i have mailed them still no reply. may be you can answer me sir pleas help . thank you

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