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When I create a new word document in Word 2011 (Print Layout), by default I can see that on both the sides (left and right), there is a wide gray area.

I can use the page margin rulers to increase page width within the given bounds. However, how do I increase the width of the page itself to reduce the gray surrounding area? Below is the screenshot:

Page Width in Microsoft Word Mac 2011

I can increase the page size by using the zoom option. However, I don't want to zoom in but increase the page width itself.

On my other machine, in MS Word 2007, by default for a new word document in print layout I get a better layout (more page width and lesser surrounding gray area).

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You can increase the page size by going to the Page Layout tab and choosing a different page size under the Size drop down list. I'm not entirely sure this is what you really want though, why not just select Page Width under zoom so you can see the whole page without the grey bars?

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Use the View > Zoom > Page Width option from the menu.

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