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I have a main computer that connects to the internet via a wifi usb adapter (Alfa AWUS036H) + a big outdoor antenna. I connect to an AP that is at my brother's house about 150mts from the antenna. This works fine, but now I got a laptop and I want to connect that to the internet too, the laptop wifi card doesn't have the power to reach my brother's AP and I can't connect it to the big antenna either.

But I do have a router that can provide wifi, I used it years ago with a modem that was connected to the WAN port using a normal ethernet cable. So I am looking for a way to connect my main PC, which has an internet connection via the wifi adapter, to the router, and use the router to provide internet to the laptop and any other wifi devices inside my house.

The router is a pretty generic local brand (PCBox PC-RW150N), the manufacturer website doesn't even provide any details about it. What I can say about it is that in the config page, it shows 4 operation modes, these are the names an descriptions as shown on the config page:

Bridge: All ethernet and wireless interfaces are bridged into a single bridge interface.

Gateway: The first ethernet port is treated as WAN port. The other ethernet ports and wireless interface are bridged together and are treated as LAN ports. (this is the mode I used when I had the modem connected to the WAN port a few years ago)

Ethernet Converter: The wireless interface is treated as WAN port and ethernet ports are LAN ports.

AP Client: The wireless APCLI interface is treated as WAN port, and the wireless AP interface and the ethernet ports are LAN ports. ports.

On the back of the router there are 5 ports, 4 named LAN 1 to 4, and one named WAN (where I used to connect the modem). On the side it has a little wifi antenna.

On which of these ports would I have to connect my main computer (that already has internet access via the usb wifi adapter), and which mode should I select in order to be able to access internet from other devices that connect to the router via wifi?

What I have tried so far is, first I connect the main PC to the internet using the Alfa wifi adapter + the big outdoor antenna. Then I go to Network and Sharing Center (I am using Windows 7), and in the wireless connection settings, in the Sharing tab, I make sure the checkbox that says "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection" is checked. Then I tried all the 4 router's modes, and tried connecting the main computer ethernet card to both the LAN1 port and the WAN port (when I connect it to the WAN port it wont let me access the router config, it access my brother's router config when I go to Then I use the laptop to connect to the router wifi network, but the laptop never has internet access.

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I solved it restoring the router default settings (its still in gateway mode) and just creating a bridge between the wifi and the lan on the Network Connections control panel. – krimxi Dec 15 '13 at 1:13

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