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I have a Windows 8 (not 8.1 yet - I've been away for three months) Pro x64 PC with a 120GB Samsung Evo SSD for Windows and the User folders mklink'ed onto my 1TB Samsung HD103SJ. Whenever I try to read the Dropbox Camera Uploads folder on my old user folder from a previous Windows install, the computer seems to grind to a halt and stop working completely. After pressing the reset button, Windows is then unable to log in to my desktop and returns me to a default setup because the HDD is no longer recognised after the reset. For the HDD to be recognised again in either the EFI, in Windows or in a Linux LiveCD I have to completely power cycle the computer. Running SystemRescueCD I tried to make a backup of the entire drive using partimage but it stalls permanently at a specific percentage - the HDD is then not recognised after a reset until a full power cycle. Here's what HDDStatus said about the HDD:

Raw Read Error Rate 100 0000000001A6

Throughput Performance 252 000000000000

Spin Up Time 70 0000000023B8

Start/Stop Count 99 000000000682

Reallocated Sector Count 252 000000000000

Seek Error Rate 252 000000000000

Seek Time Performance 252 000000000000

Power On Hours Count 100 000000002094

Spin Retry Count 252 000000000000

Calibration Retry Count 252 000000000000

Power Cycle Count 99 0000000006A5

GSense Error Rate 252 000000000000

Power Off Retract Count 252 000000000000

Hardware ECC Recovered 100 000000000000

Reallocated Event Count 252 000000000000

Current Pending Sector 100 000000000002

Offline Uncorrectable Sector Count 252 000000000000

Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate 100 000000000001

Write Error Rate 100 00000000000D

Load Retry Count 252 000000000000

Load Cycle Count 100 0000000006D7

All the attributes of your hard disk are above the S.M.A.R.T. thresholds set by the manufacturer. This is good.

BLOCKING ISSUE : your hard disk has 2 pending sectors. Those are sectors that couldn't be properly read and that the hard disk logic is waiting for a write operation to try to remap to a spare sector (if available). According to the Reallocated Sector Count attribute, your hard disk seems to have available spare sectors. A simple disk surface scan won't be enough to force the remap operation. You need a read/write surface scan to remap the sector. The best option should be a tool that knows about what should be read from that sector so that it has some option to apply the best fix to the missing data.

NOTE : your hard disk Power Cycle Count attribute current value (99) is below the normal range (100 - 100) reported for your specific hard disk model. Basically your hard disk was power cycled more times than the maximum number the average hard disk was. Power cycles put some stress on the hard disk mechanic. Sometimes power cycles can be caused by a loose hard disk power connector. Make sure it is properly fastened.

It's entirely possible that all I can do is just replace the drive entirely, making sure that I don't touch the bad sector. It would be nice if there were some way of sorting out just that sector. Has anyone got any suggestions?

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