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I have two computers working at the same time, using Windows 7. I also have 2 set of speakers, each one of the sets has a normal 3.5mm jack. I wanted to have audio from both computers playing on all the speakers at the same time, so what I did is. On the main computer I connect one of the speaker sets to the lime green line out connector, and the other set to the black connector. Then from the other computer, I have a cable with a 3.5mm jack on each side, so I connect it to the lime green line out on the second computer and on the other side to the light blue line in connector on the main computer.

Now when I play some audio from the second computer (which has no speakers connected (but a cable from line out to line in of the main computer where the speakers are connected), I can hear sound on all the speakers. But on the main computer, when I play some audio, only the speakers connected to the lime green connector work, the other speakers connected to the black connector wont play anything.

The volumes doesn't seem to be the problem since all speakers play the sound coming from line in. On the speaker properties, the volume sliders for CD Audio, Rear Blue In, Side, Center, Subwoofer, Rear and Front are all at 100%.

What could be causing this?

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