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I have a Bsnl Evdo Dongle (teracom T-U500) which i am using on pc. Recently I bought a TP link MR3020 wifi router to use with my Evdo modem, but came to know that it is unsupported by the wifi router.

This router have RJ45 port, so i want to share my Evdo dongles internet connection that i am using in my pc through Tp link MR3020 wifi router to use with my smartphone.

so i need help. If anyone can guide me briefly as i am new to this.

link to Router Tp Link MR3020

Routers Image

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Hey, wondering if answer worked out for you ? – dastaan Aug 6 '15 at 11:53

attach the EVDO device directly to the router, go to the router page, check how it is connected. If it shows HSPA change it to something that says, CDMA or CDMA2000, make sure you've entered login details of your EVDO connection also tbe dialling number has to be correct for bsnl it is #777. Once you save those detalls in your router, allow it to reboot and wait for 2-3 minutes for it to dial and establish an EVDO connection.

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