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I am looking for a command line dc++ client for Ubuntu 9.10 server 32bit.

Apps I have tried so far:

  • nanodc - Can't compile
  • microdc2 - Installs but users can't download from me when using this
  • ldcc - Can't compile problems with Turbo Vision , can't seem to find the header files.
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Ok so as it turns out after getting microdc2 installed correctly it does work , it just takes alot longer to hash files which is why i originally thought it was not working.

You also need to start it up with a refresh interval so that it can update itself when new files are added to a common folder its monitoring

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There used to be a dc++ plugin for weechat

The link to the original git repo seems to be dead, but the author of weechat was planning to host a mirror on his site. Best way is to catch him on freenode and ask about it if you fail to find the source code yourself.

Also, headless mode is planned for eiskaltdc.

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