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I'm building a bootable CD/DVD using Ubuntu's genisoimage. The new image is based on the old image downloaded from Ubuntu's website. (The only change made was BOOTx64.efi to bootx64.efi).

How do I extract the old ISO's volume name from the command line? I want to pass it to genisoimage for the new ISO.

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Try file -s:

  $ file -s kubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso 
  kubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso: # ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data 'Kubuntu 13.10 amd64             ' (bootable)
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Here's what I ended up using to extract the volume name. I was using it in a shell script:

VOLUME_LINE=`isoinfo -d -i "$SOURCE_ISO" | grep -i "Volume id:"`
echo "Volume name: $VOLUME_NAME"
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