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I am looking for the quickest way to send URLs and short Text in general from my Laptop to Desktop or vice verse.

A lot of the time I am browsing on my Laptop near my Desktop then find a URL which I wish to open on my Desktop (more screen estate)

My usual methods(all of them cumbersome):

  1. Copy Link
  2. Open empty file in dropbox
  3. Paste Link
  4. Wait for Sync
  5. Open File on PC
  6. Copy Link


  1. Copy Link
  2. Create new file in shared folder
  3. Paste Link inside
  4. Open shared folder/File from PC
  5. Copy Link

or.. Remote Desktop PC and paste link but then I have to login again on Desktop

or.. Copy Link and Paste in stickynotes/Evernote note Sync

I am looking for something like: Right Click -> Send to dropbox PC: Open Dropbox and copy Link from any window or file

or even better... right click => copy to shared clipboard Desktop: Paste or ctrl v

Any thoughts? I am sure many of you might have a similar need.


All answers are pretty cool(I do use chrome as my main browser) but they would only answer half of my question. What about wanting to copy paste something like my post text here? What do you think?

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I have a Dropbox folder called "Home" that is selectively sync'd between my Desktop and Laptop. When I find a link in my browser I just open the Home folder and drag and drop the link into the open folder. If I want to do the same with a short text, I would just open my favorite text editor, type the text, and save it as a file in the same folder. –  martineau Dec 16 '13 at 20:50
google pastebin and see if one of the various services will work for you (depends on how secure you want it to be). Then have a favourite on each machine and browse to the same pastebin (basically the same as your dropbox solution - without the wait to sync). –  dav1dsm1th Dec 17 '13 at 0:19

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Chrome has a nice tab sync option that seems like it would fit your needs.

Synergy might be a good option for you as well. Keyboard + mouse sharing between computers, along with clipboard sharing.

You can always instant message yourself as well.

But if you wanted to get really fancy, you could probably whip up a program/script that sends the clipboard remotely.

Of course, this technique has likely been taken advantage of before:

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I'll take a look, this is on the right track, thank you –  AngelicCore Dec 16 '13 at 21:14

If you are using Google Chrome and you have a Google account, you can sync your account on your laptop and desktop so you can have the same tabs and bookmarks on all your devices.

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I use chrome to link my tabs. I have also used a draft email in gmail, and IM windows, and xmarks which syncs bookmarks across browsers and machines. Since I started using Chrome sync I haven't used either of the other methods.

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Save the URL you want to open on your other computer as a bookmark, then you can sync your bookmarks between computers. If you use Google Chrome you can automatically sync your bookmarks by logging in to your gmail account. Otherwise, a great alternative for most other browsers is Xmarks

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How about a LAN based IM program?

  • No server necessary
  • Send files if you want to
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This is cool.. Sometimes I use skype for that but generally has a little bit of overhead. .creating a second account just for my laptop –  AngelicCore Dec 17 '13 at 4:33

I use Delicious. When I see a link I want to keep, I just add it to my links page and it's available from any device. There's also a bookmarklet that makes it easier to add links quickly.

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The Firefox add-on send tab to device allows you to send URLs between Firefox browsers on different devices.

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There's also a Sync built-in to the browser, if you want more than just one tab. –  Bob Dec 17 '13 at 3:46

Your best bet here would be to use chrome like other comments have been saying. If you have chrome like it has been said you can share tabs between different computers if you have it synced with your google account. You can also get an App for chrome that can share the clipboard between computers which can be found here Clipboard Sync

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