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I'm moving over to eclipse from visual studio 2005 and am used to these key bindings:

  • F7 = build
  • F5 = build & run (debug)
  • Shift-F5 = stop running
  • Ctrl-Shift-F5 = stop running & build & run again

With eclipse there is:

  • Ctrl-B = build
  • Ctrl F11 = run
  • Shift-F11 = stop running (terminate)
  • Ctrl-Shift-F11 = terminate and relaunch (presumably building anything it needs to as well)

I set the last two in Window->Preferences->General->Key and they do not work. I have to click the red square on the console view to terminate the application or else if I do Ctrl-F11 again it will fail since the exe is still running in the background.

I tried setting the When field in the key bindings to:

  • In Console View
  • In C/C++ Views
  • In Windows
  • C/C++ Editor
  • Debugging c++

None of these work and there doesn't appear to be a "when anything is running" option. Run is set to "In Windows" and works both when running and debugging so it would make sense that Terminate would as well.

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Use F11 to debug instead of Ctrl-F11 to run and then both of the terminate shortcuts work.

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