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Cross posted from SO. Also the other open question addresses playing mono inside a standalone music player. I'm dealing with a web player.


So I finally got my work computer upgraded to Win7 and I thought it would make my life a bit better. Not so! One thing I lost was the ability to play full mono sound out of one of my earbuds (I have to only use one because I have fairly soundproof earbuds that goes into your ear tunnel).

I've been fidgeting around all morning for way longer than I should, and the best I could on the windows system/hardware side was changing the balance of left/right channels. However this only controls how much volume goes to each side, while the sound output is stereo, i.e. I lose half of the channel if I get the sound all to one side. Did some Google search and this seems to be the case.

This would be an easy fix at home since I can just install a new driver. But it's impossible to do since I don't have any admin privilege at work.

One workaround I can think of is use VLC, which is already installed. Then within the program I can change the audio output to mono. However, my music is all in the "cloud" and I listen through my browser. Specially I use Google Play's music access.

So I've been trying to search for a way to pass sound coming from your browser or program to VLC via a stream. So far no success. Otherwise I've been trying to find the stream in Google Play Music and use it in VLC. However I don't think this is a good option since the stream changes once the song changes?

Any ideas?

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