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I am trying to configure a squid proxy on a firewall to route all requests normally, except the ones to *.onion sites, which should be forwarded to socks5 tor proxy. How do I achieve this?

Bonus question: I am using pfsense as a firewall, which somewhat limits me in the way or modifying configuration. I do see there is a "custom options" dialog box, into which I assume I can paste necessary options

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Somewhat related. superuser.com/questions/423563/convert-http-requests-to-socks5 There are several options mentioned for an HTTP->socks proxy. So set one of those up, then connect squid to that proxy via cache_peer. christianschenk.org/blog/using-a-parent-proxy-with-squid –  Zoredache Dec 19 '13 at 18:26

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