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I use the "Send to OneNote" feature in Outlook quite a lot and I would like to customize the format of the note title when it is created in OneNote.

Currently I have the following title being used when creating notes from meetings:

<title of the meeting> - <date>

This is not very useful for recurrent meetings as what I see in the list of the notes in OneNote is

<title of the mee 
<title of the mee 
<title of the mee 

When this is actually

<title of the meeting> - 12/10/2013
<title of the meeting> - 14/10/2013
<title of the meeting> - 16/10/2013

It would be way more useful to have the date first.

Is there a way to configure the format of the titles of notes created from Outlook?

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Unfortunately not. I recommend raising this in one of the Microsoft Office forums.

OneNote is extremely useful but not very configurable.

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