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  I have an problem with some connection settings through modem and proxy.....Ill  explain briefly that i used full Pc as untangle proxy server..........So i just installed and all setups are done.......but i have

1 doubt and questions behind this matter.......I have given my DSL line to one modem(Beetel) its an wireless device from that modem i have taken one LAN port and i have given to inbuilt Ethernet card which palced in proxy system as externel connection... From another External ethernet card I have taken one LAN cable given to another Wireless modem(named as Binatone) but I dont have switch incase of switch im using Binatone modem as switch.........but wen i finished all setups.....through LAN cable from binatone modem internet is working but wen i try to connect in wifi (through Binatone)...its given an error as"ADSL is down.Please notify connection is plugged correctly"......Please give me some solution about this issue.. I want to connect both LAN and Wifi .....

Thanks for reading and waiting for the replies.........

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This is something of a stream of conciousness! Can you reformat this to make it much clearer what you mean? –  Chenmunka Dec 20 '13 at 12:25

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