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I am trying to set this up ( and am getting this error when I start nxlog:

2013-12-20 10:36:37 ERROR Couldn't parse Exec block at /etc/nxlog/nxlog.conf:21;couldn't parse statement at line 21, character 42 in /etc/nxlog/nxlog.conf;procedure 'to_json()' does not exist or takes different arguments

Any idea what is wrong? This is my config for nxlog

<Extension snare>
    Module  xm_csv
    Fields   $id1, $id2, $id3, $id4, $id5, $id6, $id7, $id8, $id9, $id10, $id11, $id12, $id13, $id14, $id15, $id16
    Delimiter   \t

<Extension charconv>
    Module  xm_charconv
    AutodetectCharsets utf-8, utf-16, utf-32, iso8859-2, windows-1252

<Extension gelf>
    Module  xm_gelf

<Input in_snare>
    Module      im_udp
    Port        6161
    Exec   convert_fields("windows-1252", "utf-8");
    Exec        snare->parse_csv(); to_json();

<Output out_gelf> 
    Module  om_udp
    Host    localhost
    Port    12201
    OutputType  GELF

<Route _snare>
    Path  in_snare => out_file1, out_gelf
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You forgot the json extension module:

<Extension json>
    Module      xm_json
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