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How do I remove this pesky ad bar in Utorrent? I already removed most of these idiotic messages, with the help of How do I remove the ADs in uTorrent?, but one remains:

enter image description here

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Also: set the value to false for:


and restart the program.

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I followed the steps at the link you provided and my uTorrent is ad-free now. To remove that you have to change the value of sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled to false. To do that:

  • Ctrl+P : Preferences and go to Advanced tab
  • From the list set offers.sponsored_torrent_offer value to false.
  • Restart uTorrent and it is gone.

That worked for me, should work for you too.

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Unfortunately, newer versions of uTorrent does not support full ad-removal functions (as before), this time you can remove ads from uTorrent which are not related to their uTorrent Plus service.

I would recommend you to search for these options under Advanced tab in uTorrent Properties window:

  • Type in sponsored in the Filter field and set the value to false for the only available;
  • Type in upsell in the same field and set it to false;

You can also remove annoying bundle offers by right-clicking on the blue icon from the left side of the application and choose Hide Featured Content option from the menu.

Additionally, to remove Recommended tab at the bottom simply right click on the tabs and un-check the Recommended tab.

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