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I'm trying to get some plain text copied from the remote to the local machine over VNC. This sounds like a basic requirement to me, but I can't find a way to make this work in Chicken VNC. There don't seem to be any docs, and the answer to this related issue seems to confuse remote with local (or I don't get it).

So, it this a supported feature, and if so, how exactly does it work? Does it perhaps only work with certain VNC servers? Does it perhaps not work with Mac OS 10.9?

Chicken VNC version: 2.2b2. Local OS: Mac OS 10.9.1. Remote OS: Win 7 Pro. VNC Server: built-in server of QEMU/KVM 1.5

Bonus questions:

  • Is Chicken VNC a dead project?
  • Do you happen to know any other VNC client for (at least) Mac that supports this feature? (Couldn't make it work in JollysFastVNC, either.) The other requirement I have is that the client has SSH tunneling built in (like Chicken).
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