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PC Config:

Samsung laptop NP700Z3C

The laptop has one external jack for headphones. I use it together with an adapter cable in order to use an older headset with separate jacks for headphone and microphone. The headset works fine in an older computer with the same

The problem I have is that I can hear background sounds and music in movies and tv shows just fine, but I cannot hear any voices. They are there, but very very faint.

I have tried reinstalling the original drivers that came with the laptop, the latest updated drivers from samsung site, the original built-in Windows 8 drivers from Microsoft and finally the latest drivers from realteks site. All exhibit the same behaviour.

I have tried disabling all settings having anything to do with equalizer and sound effects in the control panel applets (none were explicitly enabled).

If i mute and unmute in rapid succession I can hear the voices briefly at the moment I push the button.

Having found this question: Youtube has no voice but the music continues just fine? I looked for any settings mentioning karaoke mode, and there is one in the realtek manager, but it is disabled.

There is also this, possibly related question: Distortion on human voices but not music but I don't believe it applies here, since it has been working for 4 months before without a single problem.

I have found a workaround for the problem: by sliding the balance in the realtek configuration program all the way to the left or to the right I do hear the voices. However, it seems wrong since I guess I'm only hearing one of the channels then?

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Are you sure you have stereo output selected instead of 5.1? –  Tog Dec 22 '13 at 11:10

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