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I have multiple PDF of my lecture notes and was hoping to convert these to ePub format where the name of the PDF forms an entry on the contents page. I want to do this because I think ePub will be a smaller format and if I can get it below 50mb I can upload it to Google Play Books. It is essentially a lot of presentations in PDF format, where I presume the pictures accounts for the large collective size.

I am not sure if this is the right section, please forward me to the right section if this isn't it. Thanks!

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Try Calibre, it converts files to and from various formats, including PDF and EPUB.

Another option is OxGarage. That won't require an install of software.

If those don't create the result you want, and you're willing to spend some time on it: you may choose to export your PDF to HTML, then re-piece your document together in Sigil Epub Creator

The export and reformat in Sigil would take time to master, but it's a good skill to have if it's likely you'll be doing this transformation more than a few times.

UPDATE (2016): Add Pandoc and Poppler (Linux only) to the list of options. Anyone who is working with PDF content will need patience and many options. PDF encoding is complex and varied. I usually have to go through three tools to get a result that is workable.

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