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Is it possible to have Outlook remind you of upcoming calendar appointments (and only appointments) while the application itself is not running? If so, how would that be set up?

EDIT: Is there any small, lightweight freeware applications that might accomplish the same task?

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If the application isn't running then it can't send any reminders.

For this to work there would need to be two parts to Outlook. The first would be a Windows Service that could monitor the database and do things like send reminders etc. The second would be the User Interface that allowed you to read and send e-mails and set up reminders.

As far as I know Outlook doesn't work like this.

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Here is a downloadable program that can display Outlook Reminders for you.

Outlook Reminders 1.0

If you are running Vista, you also us the built in calendar system to create reminders for you while the calendar is not open and running. In calendar options, chose "show reminders when calendar is not running".

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Yeah, I know this is an old question, but... there is a Windows Gallery object that will do this. Works on Windows Vista & 7 with Outlook 2007 at least. You can find it here:

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