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I am trying to put together a Powershell script that will:

-Search recursively from a root directory
-Exclude files with existing "yyyyMMdd " file name prefix
-Rename the files not excluded above with ""yyyyMMdd " file name prefix based on their specific LastWriteTime

Note: ideally, this script should include all file type extensions

I have tried myself, but it would seem to be above my head, as my attempts are not going well.

Thanks, in advance.

param( [string] $fileName)

# Check the file exists
if (-not(Test-Path $fileName)) {break}

# Display the original name
"Original filename: $fileName"

$fileObj = get-item $fileName

# Get the date
$DateStamp = get-date -uformat "%Y-%m-%d@%H-%M-%S"

$extOnly = $fileObj.extension

if ($extOnly.length -eq 0) {
   $nameOnly = $fileObj.Name
   rename-item "$fileObj" "$nameOnly-$DateStamp"
else {
   $nameOnly = $fileObj.Name.Replace( $fileObj.Extension,'')
   rename-item "$fileName" "$nameOnly-$DateStamp$extOnly"

# Display the new name
"New filename: $nameOnly-$DateStamp$extOnly"

I am hoping to change the line:

$DateStamp = get-date -uformat "%Y-%m-%d@%H-%M-%S"

To be LastWriteTime instead of get-date, but I have no idea how to make this happen.

This code (from another Super User question):

Get-ChildItem "Test.pdf" | Rename-Item -newname {$_.LastWriteTime.toString("yyyyMMdd") + " Test.pdf"}

...successfully renames a single file, but I can't seem to integrate this into the larger script.

With regards to running the above recursively, I have tried this (also from

foreach ($file in get-ChildItem *.* -recurse) { ./StampMe.ps1 $ }

Which succeeds to apply the PS script to files in the root directory, but fails to apply to any files in the sub-folder tree that propagates from the root directory.

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"my attempts are not going well" - Please show us your code snippets anyway. Remember, we are not a script writing service – nixda Dec 22 '13 at 10:03
I don't have any original code snippets, just code I have found searching on the internet. I have edited the main question to include what I have discovered, so far. – Ryan Dec 22 '13 at 23:29
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This script should do exactly what you want

  • Search recursively from a root directory
  • Exclude files with existing "yyyyMMdd " file name prefix
  • Rename the files not excluded above with ""yyyyMMdd " file name prefix based on their specific LastWriteTime

Warning: You should test this script first because renaming could be dangerous. Remove the # in front of Rename-Itemafter you have verified that only intentional files will be renamed.

Long version

$folder = "C:\somefolder"
$files = get-childitem -path $folder -recurse | where { -not $_.PSIsContainer }
[datetime]$dirDate = New-Object DateTime

foreach ($file In $files) {

    $strDate = $file.Name.substring(0,8)

    if (-Not [DateTime]::TryParseExact($strDate, "yyyyMMdd", 
        [System.Globalization.DateTimeStyles]::None, [ref]$dirDate)) {

        $newName = $file.lastwritetime.tostring("yyyyMMdd ") + $
        echo $newName
        #Rename-Item -path $file.Fullname -newname $newName

Short version

[datetime]$dirDate = New-Object DateTime

dir "C:\somefolder" -r | ? { ! $_.PSIsContainer } | % {          

    if ( ! [DateTime]::TryParseExact($_.Name.substring(0,8), "yyyyMMdd", 
        [System.Globalization.DateTimeStyles]::None, [ref]$dirDate)) {

        $newName = $_.lastwritetime.tostring("yyyyMMdd ") + $
        echo $newName
        #Ren $_.Fullname $newName

Used stackoverflow answers

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This worked perfectly. Your effort is sincerely appreciated. Thanks. – Ryan Dec 23 '13 at 4:58
@Ryan Please remember to accept an answer if you found it helpful. You can click the big checkbox left of an answer to accept it. – Rik Dec 23 '13 at 10:10
@Rik. Thanks for the tip. I did try to vote the answer up but was prevented by lack of "reputation". – Ryan Dec 23 '13 at 18:35

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