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So I have been trying for months now to get iTunes to play my dvd rips with the AC3 track. I have 2 audio tracks on all my files, just like how you would download a movie from the iTunes store. One been an AAC Dolby Pro Logic II mix down so it plays in stereo and the other been the AC3 pass through from the dvd.

Both tracks work fine when been played in VLC. I get stereo from the first and then 5.1 from the second. When I add it to iTunes, only the first track is select-able ie: the stereo track. The second one (Surround) is either grayed out when using my HDMI cable for audio or is available when using optical but there isn't any audio been played.

I initially thought well iTunes then just clearly can't play 5.1 audio. I then downloaded a film from the iTunes store and to my shock, The 5.1 audio tracks plays perfectly.

This is very frustrating because I now know iTunes can play 5.1 so this has something to do with my rips.

Here is a dropbox link to a short clip of which I know has 5.1 on but doesn't work in iTunes. I still hope someway it's a driver/hardware/ some other issue than Itunes just been douche and not allowing me to play 5.1 if it was not downloaded from their store.

So first part of my Question. Does this clip play in 5.1 on your system? If yes, then we know it's a possible hardware issue. Else its itunes probably been douche.

2nd: Have you been able to rip dvd's to play in 5.1 yourself in itunes. If so , How? I'm using Handbrake atm and have tried probably evey other ripping/converting software out there.

PS: I'm on windows 7 64bit, GTX560 HDMI port used for audio with a Sony STR-DN1020 Receiver and Itunes

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I don't really have a 5.1 sound system, but I wonder if you could do this in an alternate player. –  Journeyman Geek Jul 23 at 5:29

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