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In Windows, to get the complete path of selected file / folder, we just right click on it and select properties & can copy the path of selected file / folder.

But I didn't find any option in the Get Info view of a selected file / folder, address is given but we can't select or copy it.

Is it possible to copy path from info screen? Is there any alternative?

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Where do you need the path? Normally you can just drag&drop the file or folder to the interface where you need the path. This works in the Terminal app for example.

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OOhh ! That's what I needed. – Sagar R. Kothari Nov 11 '09 at 22:12

Command G ("Go to..") will open a dialog box where you can type in the path that happens to default to the current path of your active window.

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In my OS (10.5.7) the "Go to folder" command is [shift+command+G] and it isn't pointing to my active window path. The Terminal thing works like a charm. Thank you!

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