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The following is my dmesg dump.

[    1.452016] udevd[121]: starting version 175
[    1.522976] thermal LNXTHERM:00: registered as thermal_zone0
[    1.522989] ACPI: Thermal Zone [THM] (76 C)
[    1.636230] tsc: Refined TSC clocksource calibration: 2260.981 MHz
[    2.636606] Switched to clocksource tsc
[    4.628681] EXT4-fs (sda6): INFO: recovery required on readonly filesystem
[    4.628688] EXT4-fs (sda6): write access will be enabled during recovery
[    7.588994] EXT4-fs (sda6): recovery complete
[    7.610925] EXT4-fs (sda6): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)
[   20.633295] init: mounted-proc main process (307) terminated with status 1
[   20.712495] Adding 493564k swap on /dev/sda7.  Priority:-1 extents:1 across:493564k FS
[   21.397395] udevd[372]: starting version 175
[   21.868082] loop: module loaded
[   23.077609] wmi: Mapper loaded

We can see that mounting ext4 takes nearly 13 seconds. Is it mounting that takes 13 seconds or the udevd that takes 13 seconds? udevd is initiated again around 21 second. Why is it that udev is started twice?

How do I optimize this feature? Any pointers on how I can approach this?

I run a custom 3.12.4 kernel, that I optimized for size, and my OS is Ubuntu 12.10 (Im attempting this for educational purposes only)

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On my Ubuntu system, this is what I get:

  # dmesg | grep udevd
  [    0.616905] systemd-udevd[126]: starting version 204
  [    3.360394] systemd-udevd[418]: starting version 204

Same thing on my Debian, Arch systems. It seems to be quite standard (so no need to worry), even though I cannot explain why it happens either.

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