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I've got an eMachines laptop(notebook, I can't find where it says exact model), and I've hit the upper part of the screen today. I really thought it was nothing, since it didn't hit very hard. But, the display changed to something like this: . When I restarted it, I could see the POST screen, but after that it was only black with 3 vertical red stripes and numerous horizontal(like the ones in the upper part part of the screen now). I could still access BIOS and it looked almost the same. After some time I plugged it in, turned it on and got this. Also I've noticed that the bottom part of my screen is missing(invisible). When I change resolution to 800x600 (native is 1024x600) it's only worse. Now, I have no idea what's really wrong and what can I do. Oh, and also, I'm on vacation, so I can't try an external monitor(will do when I come home for 3-4 days).

And I'm not sure does it mean anything, but I've got integrated graphics, Intel Atom N450 CPU and running Ubuntu 13.04. If you need anything more, please ask(and provide instructions how to find more data, keep in mind that speedtest says I have 2kB/s internet speed). What's exactly wrong with the display and what's the way to fix it? Replace some parts, or the whole display? Or is there some software 'hack' for it to look normal(I've noticed when the screen is going to be turned off, various brightness values change, and there are some where it looks normal, but I can't reach them the normal way)?

EDIT: wait, does the screenshot look normal? Probably, the OS is fine, I'll try to take a pic and UL it, gimme a moment.

Follow-up: Is there any way to change the blue color? it's really annoying. The address bar and search bar in Firefox have got the blue background, but the area around is white. Scrollbars are also white. Seems like all the text fields are skyblue and other white content is white, but the background of this site is also same blue(and it isn't a field). The "How to Edit" and "How to Format" have got the darker blue background.

EDIT2: I've tried setting background colour of html document to #fff, and got the same annoying blue. Then, changed it to whitesmoke, and got the normal colour. For some reason my display dislikes the pure white, but doesn't mind similar(and visually almost the same) colours.

Picture1: Bad focus, sorry.


EDIT3: My monitor is fine now(on times I have to push it from the back and pull from front to regain normal picture), but resolution changed to 1024x768(native is 1024x600). I added new mode to xrandr, and changed it to native, but the upper part became black, and I'm still missing the same from the bottom. Could this possibly be related, somehow?

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The linked screenshot appears to be perfectly normal. And the likely answer to this is "yes, your monitor is physically broken and needs to be repaired or replaced". The giveaway for that is that parts of the screen display as normal whereas other parts don't, which points to a physical problem with the screen itself rather than a software problem. It may be the connection between the GPU and the screen itself (usually a ribbon cable) but I don't really think so. – Michael Kjörling Dec 25 '13 at 16:01
I've took photos with my phone, but it might take a while to upload – Luke Dec 25 '13 at 16:04
My monitor is fine now, on moments it appears like before, but then I just push it from the back and it goes back to normal. My other problem now is that the resolution changed to 1024x768, and when I try to change it back to 1024x600(using xrandr, since for some reason there isn't 1024x600 option in settings), the top part becomes black, and I'm still missing the same from the bottom. – Luke Dec 27 '13 at 16:34

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